An Interactive, Brainstorming Workshop with Enterprise Data Science Leaders! 

Dear Data Science Leaders,

Advances in Generative AI are profoundly impacting enterprises, promising transformative gains across various fronts. These advancements include driving efficiency gains, unlocking value, transforming knowledge management, augmenting productivity, streamlining processes, and fostering innovation.

Even as Generative AI advances, we witness that Data science Leaders & their teams are masterfully navigating the opportunities and challenges presented by this evolving landscape. They are enhancing their skills and adaptability, leveraging collaborative synergies, ensuring readiness of data infrastructure, engaging early and proactively, promoting multidisciplinary collaboration, and emphasizing data governance and quality assurance to drive innovation and transformation.

The HP Elevate Data Science Leadership Think Tank Series – Discovery Documentation Workshop is a moderated exercise that will engage 10 Data Science Leaders and insight catalysts. Together, they will identify, discover, and share perspectives and consensus on trends, opportunities, challenges, and insights related to the advancements in Gen AI and its impact on Data Science.

The collective intelligence gathered will be documented and potentially published as an industry insights knowledge paper, with all contributions duly credited and shared for review and approval with all participating leaders before publication.

The Workshop is a by invite only event, and will be an elite gathering of the most dynamic data science leaders from Delhi NCR Region.  We shall be reaching our prospective leader participants to invite your distinguished presence and participation, as well as to share more details about the structure, flow and agenda of the workshops. 


1. Overview of Current Generative AI Landscape

  • Most impactful use cases of generative AI in Enterprises
  • Key Gen AI Tools & Applications being used
  • Anticipation of Near Future Developments & Trends in Gen AI

2. Impact of Generative AI on Enterprise Operations

  • Examples of generative AI adoption
  • Benefits Realized
  • Challenges in Implementation & Solutions to Overcome them.

3. Changing Roles and Skills of Data Science Teams

  • How Are Data Science Roles Evolving with Emergence of Gen AI
  • Emerging Skillsets Required
  • Training Approaches being Adopted

4. Challenges and Opportunities for Data Science Teams

  • Challenges Faced in Leveraging Gen AI
  • Opportunities for Innovation & Efficiency
  • Managing Data Quality, Model Bias, Explainability & Transparency in AI applications


6:00 PM


Welcome & Networking

6:20 PM


Workshop Introduction

6:30 PM


Structured Discussion: Data Science Leaders Think Tank

8:00 PM


Presentation by HP

8:30 PM


Data Science Leaders Networking Dinner


Dear Respected Data Science Leader, there are 2 ways in which you can confirm your participation at the workshop. 

  • By responding and confirming your participation to the exclusive invitation email you have received
  • By Filling in the below Participation Confirmation Form.

The series is created, curated  and conducted by VAMRR Technologies which is involved in the organizing of conferences, round tables and workshops focused on digital transformation and emerging technologies. This will be the 116th Workshop / Conference / Round Table by VAMRR in the past 7+ years  with over 1000+ Industry Leaders & Innovators and 7500 Practitioners, from 5000 organizations, having participated till date. 

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